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Posted: 5 months ago / May 23, 2020

Staff Director
Upper Administration

Staff Director
Upper Administration

If you cannot fit your application in the original post, post a second half replying to your own application.

You are expected to write long detailed sentances, short applications will be denied. If it looks like a skinny chicken you have not gone into enough detail.


Discord Name + Tag (e.g. Wedge#3232):

Ingame Name:


Why do you want to be staff: 


Why are you better staff than other applicants:


Why are good, non-abusive staff important to a overall better server experience:


What is your greatest weakness as a staff member (working too hard or anything like that is not a valid awnser: 


Do you agree to the following;
- To not abuse your rank as staff?
- To set an example for players?
- Act as unbiased as possible in staff sits?
- Respect a 3 strike punishment system?
- Report abusive staff to your higher ups?
- Collect evidence and use logs/spectate in sits when possible?
- Keep staff announcements unmuted so you can read any important updates?
- Not use your staff powers in RP unless necessary?

Say yes/no here:

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