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Posted: 1 month ago / Nov 22, 2020
Edited: 1 month ago / Nov 24, 2020



Before you ask, HT.S Big Brain (Vibe Check) can't log onto the forums so I posted it for him. Do not take that into account when making your +1/-1 decisions. 

Steam ID + Discord Name & ID: STEAM_0:1:218421502, Discord name: Vibe Check#4362

In-Game Name: Vibe Check

Timezone: CST

Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‘SAM’ or 'ULX'?: Both

Do you have a microphone?: No

Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: I am completely competent, I'm not corrupt, I'll be very active on the server, and I'll be completely fair when handling reports and giving out punishments

Do you have any past experience as staff?: I'm a Staff member on LN, HT S AvA and Sandbox servers

How active are you on the discord & server?: Very Active

Why would you like to become staff?: I want to help people on the server and I want to make sure people are having a fun experience on the server and not having it ruined by midges .

What is the job of a staff member?: To make sure people are following the rules of the server and make sure people are enjoying the server and having a fun experience.

Anything else we should know: Nope.

Charles S. Kerr

Head Gamemaster

29th ID MAJ

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