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Posted: 2 months ago / Feb 13, 2021
Edited: 2 months ago / Feb 13, 2021

Steam ID + Discord Name & ID: (

In-Game Name:Blitz


Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‘SAM’ or 'ULX'?: ULX, maybe. I think I have seen it.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: I want to help the server grow and want to make sure it is running smoothly. And I have experience.

Do you have any past experience as staff? Yes. In CG and SN

How active are you on the discord & server? Really active I check it every 10 min or so. And once server releases I plan to try to be as active as I can be.

Why would you like to become staff? Help the server grow and develop 

What is the job of a staff member? To mange server and help make sure it runs smoothly. 

Anything else we should know: Not sure. (If you have any further questions DM in discord. Under the name Mr.Pro)

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