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Posted: 11 months ago / Feb 21, 2021
Edited: 11 months ago / Feb 21, 2021

Staff Director

Staff Director

This is my 3rd one because Nick Lance keeps deleting them without moving them or letting them run their course which should not be happening. 
And I know its through Bias because me and Nick don't like eachother.

Name: Shimada#3931
Reason for ban: Murlock doing a purge after the Star Wars just before my resignation. 

Ban Length: Community Ban so Perma...

Why the ban should be removed/reduced:

I had not done anything wrong in deserving a community ban what so ever. If doubting aspects of servers or suggesting changes = justification well thats just plain retarded.
I have not done anything to harm the community at all and have just done my roles as I was asked. I didn't care that I was removed as staff as I was going to leave prior to that anyways. The ban was just well over the top and a massive over-exaggeration. 
Before this, I was asked to SD by John as Gustav and a few others were leaving. I said I'll stay temporarily so it doesn't look like a massive walkout of staff members that includes 2 high staff. This was just before the end of the WW2 server.

I just want to be able to sit in the community like any other Member or VIP. Just to be able to chat with the many friends I made from the server.

Just to note. I had 2 replies on my last one before it was promptly deleted by Nick Lance. 
Nick, let it run its course like every other application. Hell even let another staff member handle it since you clearly have a massive bias in this case. 

All I want is a community unban so I can chill in the discord and maybe even play now and again if I fancy it like every other player.

Ive already heard people say "Jack you dont even want to play or be in the community."
Guys I've stated before I'll chill in the discord and play every once in a while but I said I'm not staffing again for a very long time. And this is what a few people have done in the past. Why Am I Not Allowed To Do This Too?

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