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Posted: 11 months ago / Feb 25, 2021
Edited: 11 months ago / Feb 25, 2021



Reason for ban:
Staff member who issued the ban:
Nick Lance
Ban Length:
11 months, 1 week, 5 days, 15 hours and 15 minutes
Why the ban should be removed or reduced:
Incorrect ban reason:
I ran after a clone trooper standing just outside of spawn on Kashyyyk as Darth Maul, he ran back into the base which prompted me to enter the spawn chasing after him. I barely got a few meters past the sign before I realised my mistake, turned back and left only to find myself banned.
PS: Nobody got killed

Biased admin:
Nick has been looking for reasons to ban me ever since I joined the server, even going as far as spectating me looking for the slightest slip-up to give me a ban

Name & Steam ID: TheMysteryBox -- STEAM_0:0:47947232

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