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Posted: 7 months ago / Dec 19, 2020
Edited: 5 months ago / Feb 12, 2021

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Community Manager


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1) Do not TK (Purposefully Team Killing)

2) Listen to NCOs/COs at all times. If thought to be unjust contact staff over trying to deal with it In character

3) Do not use anti-tank on infantry E.G Bazooka

4) Do not kill in the undecided spawn

5) No more than 3 tanks on either side at a time (unless admin spawned)

6) Once a tank has been destroyed there is a cooldown of 4 minutes before spawning another tank

7) Do not edit vehicles (Heavy punishments)

8) No racism. We would like our community to be accepting of everyone.

9) No ramming Tanks together

10) Do not enter an enemy base without staff permission

11) Do not spawn kill (unless enemy is shooting out of their own base)

12) Do not act in a mingey or otherwise exceptionally unrealistic way

13) Do not abuse PAC3 (not following specific time period, morphing body parts, no excessive use of particles)(if there is any question about a specific pac, bring it up with a HA+)

14) Do not spam chat or voice chat.(For chat keep it to less than 2 of the same message within 30 seconds)

15) Do not steal enemy vehicles (unless approved by a staff member or if both parties involved agree with the vehicle being taken in an rp situation) 16) Dont cheat ( any use of glitches, bugs, or exploits that would give an unfair advantage)

17) If there is any bug found on the map, do not exploit it and report it to a member of staff.

18) Keep names somewhat realistic (EG. no Nate Higgers, Omar2008Portillo, Tony Pepperoni, etc.)

19) Do not in any way try to bend the rules in your favor

20) Listen to the staff

21) No combat repairing for tankers, you must be reasonably far away from any possible combat.

22) No trench hopping

23) No Car Bombing With Logistical Vehicles

24) Do not shoot paratroopers while they are in the air



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