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Posted: 1 year ago / Apr 27, 2020
Edited: 1 year ago / Apr 27, 2020

Head Admin

Head Admin


In-Game Name:

352nd VG HPT Otto Fleischmann

Discord name and ID:


Steam ID:




Time zone:


Have you previously staffed for a server (if so what server and what community)?:

I have staffed on RS VNRP 2017/ HKG 1942rp 2017 and UFN WW1rp 2018

Why do you want to be staff? (250 word minimum):

Well, I've been playing gmod for a while and have been with IG since 2016 1.0. Over the years I've grown very fond of the community and have found it be one of my personal favourites. Furthermore, I've met many new and nice people, IG has contributed alot to myself and I feel as if it's time to give back to the community by becoming a Staff member. On the contrary, I've seen many minges, tkers and spawn killers and as a HPT of the 352nd I feel as those people won't listen, regardless of my rank. Really ruining the rp for Officers and enlisted alike and it's created a small problem on the server in all honesty. This is also, part to some staff members being in different time zones as, myself being from the west coast of Canada I will be able to be on or stay on during times where those from EST/European time zones are off sleeping or dealing with other issues. With constant minges during times where the server population is lower and staff being very limited is one of the main factors really driving me to want to join the staff team.

Another driving factor pushing me to join the staff team is the chance of becoming a Game Master. At this time Summerlin has resigned and I have nothing against him. He seemed really cool!  But, I had previously drilled the 352nd quite hard for the Campaign which really brought up morale in my division as people saw these campaigns as something really cool and never done before. In a way adding hype to the server.  Now as it's been sadly cancelled many enlisted and higher ups are really sad as a great addition to the server has been shut down. Also, I feel as some of the GM's are burnt out of the Allies and Axis complaining towards them being “Biased”. So why not let myself have a go and try to create an event and formulate a plan for the next Campaign?

Overall, if you are going to take anything away from this it's that I really want to help the server grow and prosper given either of the opportunities.


What makes a good staff member, and what makes a bad staff member?:

First off it's respect and restraint: Even if someone is being personally attacking you it's never a good idea to lash out against that person. Even if you are in the right. You as a staff member represent the server and ultimately the AVA gamemode and what type of precedents would you be setting if you are yelling at a mass rdmer and using vulgar language in the ban text. It comes down to being a bigger person even though, at times it's tough even I have to admit.

A bad staff member: Someone who doesn't show restraint or respect and job abuses. It all trickles back to being a role model. If you as a staff member spawn entities, guns etc. for non rp purposes what is that showing the playerbase? Also, not having respect for authority/higher ups and using vulgar language in ban text really sets a poor precedent for the average player.

How many hours can you play in the typical day?:

3-4 hours daily, online school isn't an issue.

Anything else you would like to add?:

It's been a little while since I've last staffed, but I still have a decent understanding of ULX. Which I hear has somewhat similar commands as Sam so I wouldn't need to be taught all the in's and out's. Preferably, I would like to be a GM, but I would settle for operator.



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